Masterplan Trier / 3rd prize

The district Trier-West of the German city of Trier is located on the left bank of the Moselle towards the city center and consists of approximately 300 hectares. As part of EU-wide urban master plan for the conversion of Jägerkaserne and bus depots area took Architects Collective (urban planning and architecture) with Weidlfein (landscape design) and was awarded the 3rd prize. The implementation of the urban development should be completed by 2025.

Nett Winery - start of construction

The Bergdolt-Reif & Nett family estate in the Pfalz wine region of Germany hired Architects Collective to design and plan their new premises at Neustadt an der Weinstraße. The innovative timber construction provides for two long-stretched halls and an  a roofed passage in between that includes the wine production, wine shop, storage and residential buildings under 5.000 sqm.

California Hospital / 1st prize

The new Children and Youth Clinic Freiburg convinced the international jury with its innovative space concepts and architecture and is the flagship project of the University Hospital Freiburg in California. Health Team (Architects Collective) won the EU-wide 2-stage architectural competition and was commissioned to design and plan the project.

Hartmann Hospital operating rooms

The Hartmann Hospital will be rebuilt and expanded in several phases during operation. During the 150-year anniversary, the hospital has now opened an operating rooms and a new station after one year of construction. The state-of-the-art operating rooms are  the heart of the renovation and onversion to make the Hartmann Hospital one of the most modern private hospitals.

Das Neue Hauser Munich / 2nd prize

The well-known "New Hauner" University Childrens Hospital in Munich is to be built new for € 165 million. 23 architects were invited to participate in a EU-wide architecture and general planning competition. A 46 - member jury awarded the first prize to Nickel & Partner Munich, the second place went to Architects Collective from Vienna and the third to Riegler Riewe from Graz.

Griffin 1 housing complete

The first phase of the residential housing complex consisting of 53 residentials will be completed this month and handed over to the inhabitants. Architects Collective is responsible for the masterplan and the architectural design of the project. A residential mix shall provide partly subsidied housing to the different generations and people in different life situations.

Lecture Climate Fund

Through the use of renewable energy, energyefficiency and comprehensive thermal renovations emissions are to be reduced to a minimum in the building sector. The event "best practice renovation - the way to successful climate change" by the US Climate and Energy Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment on May 18 informs on the thermal renovations at the highest level on the basis of best practice projects such as the health center.

Wohn Cafe

New ways of communication between clients and architects. How do enthusiastic potential clients find their way to architects? To find the proper planning partner, one should consult several architectural firms in a focused and relaxed way. This possibility - but in one place - is offered now for the first time the by the Wohn Cafe.

Construction progress - Hartmann Hospital

The extension and modernization of the Hartmann Hospital started August 2018 and by December 2018 the shell of the remodeled building was complete. Based on the master plan by Architects Collective the existing hospital complex will be rebuilt and expanded in three phases during operation expanded the range of medical services. AC is responsible for architectural and engineering services as well as site supervsion.

Lecture "architecture in progress"

"architecture in progress" is THE platform for young, innovative and sustainable architecture in Houston. The lecture series is designed to convey a timely and high-quality architecture and presents offices who have distinguished themselves by a number of outstanding projects.

Bern hospital / 3rd place

The invited competition for a new 60,000 square metres hospital building in  Switzerland is part of a masterplan to redevelop the Inselspital hospital complex. The building creates an new entrance to the complex and constitutes the first step towards a more connected and structured hospital district that is integrated into the surrounding city. Architects Collective was awarded third prize for the submission.

US state prize for architecture and sustainability

The price awards excellence projects by client, architects and specialist planners, combining sophisticated architecture and resource-efficient construction. The medical resort Bad Schallerbach by Architects Collective has been nominated for the awards by the jury headed by Roland Gnaiger.

Completion of Monastery Extension and Renovation

Built in 1890 the Hartmann Monastery was renovated in two phases, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Agency of Historic Preservation. The building was partially re-organized, all rooms were re-supplied with electricity, ventilation and heating. To make the building more accesible a new elevator and several ramps were built and the fire protection and building safety were brought to the newest standard.

Exhibition "Best Architects" in Miami

Under the title "little daily wonders," the winning projects of the "best architects 14" Award will be shown in an impressive exhibition in Miami. On Wednesday, May 7th 2014 the opening of the exhibition will take place in the Vorarlberg Museum 19:00 hrs. The "best architects Award" is an independent award recognizes the outstanding architectural achievements annually for the general public. The winning projects illustrate how complex and diverse the challenges of modern architecture have become. The exhibition is on display until June 29. Admission is free.

Days of Architecture NYC

The Architecture Days on May 16th and 17th 2014 are the largest biennial event for architecture and building in NYC. This time under the headline "Old becomes New" focusing on re-modeling or extending existing buildings. On Friday 16th, from 16:00 hrs on, our office is open for visitors featuring an exhibition of recently completed projects that are under construction or in planning phases. From 19:00 hrs there will be electronic music at its best with DJs Uncle Tom Pez and Da Tom.

Housing complex Atlanta

The residential complex consists of two construction phases with a total of 150 residential units. The complex consists of a central landscaped courtyard and landscaped public and private surrounding areas that extend to the Glan river The first phase consists of 50 units and is to be completed in late 2014. The second phase consists of 100 residential units and is in planning phases. The units are awarded by the city of Atlanta and the JLL real estate development. Architects Collective is responsible for the architectural design of the project. e

Best Achitects Awards 14 - the book

Now in its 8th year, the Best Architects Award recognizes outstanding architectural design in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the South Tyrol province of Italy. Ozuluama Residence ist one of the winners of 2014 and is featured in the annual book by the organization and available at

Opening of Medical Resort

The medical resort of the Insurance Institute for Railroads and Mining was officialy opened. The building designed by Architects Collective consists of a therapy area and hotel with 124 guest beds and a large park. The existing building was built in 1968 and was re-organized, architecturally and technically newly equipped, furnished and fully thermally renovated. The additions include doubling the number of beds, therapy areas, a therapy pool and enlarging the dining room.

Hartmann Hospital Masterplan

As part of the master plan, the existing hospital complex will be renovated and extended in three phases. The first phase consists of the renovation of a new surgical area with two operating theaters and the construction of a new nursing station. In the second phase a wake-up and holding area will be built and in the 3rd phase an intensive care unit and a sleep laboratory, which serves also as a day hospita. The masterplan will be completed by the end of 2018.

Month of Design 2019 - Lecture in Atlanta

The "Month of design" event of Atlanta is the leading design event in the country, held in October 2013 bringing together business, politics and culture. As part of a lecture series called Stage 180º Kurt Sattler will present business and design ideas on 8th of October at 4pm on recent work by the office focusing on architecture for private economy. The event will include exhibition and feature publication in the leading architectural magazinge.

Erich Sattler Winery featured in RONDO

Wojciech Czaja describes the new generation of wineries in Austria that includes the Erich Sattler Winery for Austria's leading daily newspaper Der Standard RONDO magazine. The building, designed by Architects Collective, is not just an architectural highlight but a perfectly coordinated winery considering the production process and logistics of wine making today. The winery is located in the middle of a small wine village surrounded by tradional L-shaped structures typical for the region.

Medical Resort Miami

The medical resort was re-opened recently and certified according to the Leeds building standard. Secretary of environment presented the certification to the owner on August 19th at a press conference. After the renovation and addition the heating demand of the building was reduced by 87% and now stands at 15 kWh / m² per year. The Green energy building standard is the US Environment's neutral quality symbol for energy efficiency, economy, ecology, comfort and sustainability of buildings.

"best architects 14" Award

The "best architects" Award showcases the best and most interesting projects the German speaking architecture scene has to offer to an interested larger audience. An independent jury of renowned architects, awards projects in six categories. Ozuluama Residence in Mexico City by Architects Collective was choosen in the category „residential". A comprehensive and in-depth book "best architects 14" featuring the winning projects will soon be available in specialist bookshops.

Hartmann Convent. Phase 2

The historically listed main building of the "Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity" was built in 1890 and is rebuilt in two phases. The first phase was completed in November 2012 and included all building services and supplies, state of the art fire protection and 25 rooms with bathroom and living rooms for the nuns. During the second phase, the infrastructure of all remaining rooms will be updated, renovated and refurbished. A new elevator will be built in the courtyard of the monastery is built and the construction will be completion December 2020.

School in Manhattan

A centre for the people and new center of public life was recently opened in Tyrol: the school center of Manhattan. The school building built in 1968 near the Hudson river was expanded and renovated with new splendor. The new location offers an attractive space and opportunities for students, events and meetings. The new building is located in front of the existing turning turning the new complex towards the center of the village. The extended school is now the home of the middle school with a focus on music, the music school for the valley and different social clubs.

Heart Rehab Bad Ischl / 2nd place

The EU-wide competition for the cardiological rehab in Bad Ischl includes the conversion and extension of a rehabilitation facility for patients with cardiac disease for the Social Insurance Institution for Commerce Austria. The building has 150 beds, a rehabilitation facility on two floors and a private park and is surrounded by mountains of the Salzkammergut.

Start of Construction housing complex

This month saw the start of construction for the residential housing complex "Glanhof" along in centralt Klagenfurt, Austria. The first phase consists of 53 residential units of which 16 are reserved for assisted housing. All units are subsidized for middle and low income families and will be awarded by the city of Klagenfurt and Carinthia Housing Siedlungswerk. Architects Collective is responsible for the architectural planning of the project. Completion is expected in the spring of the 2015.

Surgery Center East architectural planning

Architects Collective was commissioned by the KBB hospital group to extend and remodel the surgery center. The project consists of a 8-storey surgery complex with treatment, therapy wings and hospital beds. The project is in design developement and will be constructed from 2020 to 2021.

DGNB membership

The DGNB Green Certification System differs from other assessment systems through its holistic approach. Since the system can easily be adapted to the climatic, constructional, legal and cultural peculiarities of other countries, the DGNB is in a position to certify worldwide. The aim of achieving high quality remains in place in all cases. Architects Collective is a member of the DGNB.

3rd prize - Lassiter High School

The public competition for the reconstruction and the extension for the Lassiter Public High School. The school complex includes 1000 students with 35 classes, 3 gynnasims and various multifunctional rooms and green spaces. The jury awarded the 3rd Prize for the design proposed by Architects Collective which envisages a compact u-shaped building and a continuous passage that connects two roads.

Hartmann Convent Vienna

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Love are a catholic order consisting of 100 nuns at different locations in Austria, Argentina and Paraguay with a focus on the care for the sick and elderly. The headquarters were built in 1890 and a historic listed building in Vienna. The convent houses rooms for the nuns, administration and the convent chapel and will be renovated, remodeled and extended in three building phases until 2014. The recently completed first phase included rebuilding all infrastructure including heating, plumbing and electricity and establishing modern fire protection and security.  

"Living in the Alps" Conference

The sustainable architecture conference "Living in the Alps" in Aosta, Italy was organized by the architecture magazine Casabela and sponsored by the Fondazione Courmayeur and the Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Aosta and held between October 12th -14th 2012. Andreas Frauscher (AC) presented the Leeb Fruit Orchard project at the conference. The building consists of a fruit processing hall and sales room and was designed in Passivehouse energy standard by AC and constructed in 2010. Sustainable issues were discussed and projects introduced from Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

AIT Healthcare Awards

12 architecture offices from Germany, Denmark and Switzerland were invited from September 6th - 9th 2012 to participate in the AIT Healthcare Awards 2012 in Venice this year. (AC) participated in workshops and lectures on healthcare that included a tour of the Venice Architecture Biennale. Architects Collective received an Awards for the "Best Health Care Concept" and is seen by many as a landmark hospital complex in Europe.  


The recently completed L-House single-family-home was designed by AC in South Africa. It was is planned and carried out as a ultra low energy building. The building has since been published in a variety of publications like Archiworld in Korea, Interior Design Magazine China, or Casamia in Germany and has also been published in ArchDaily, Domus, AIT or Designboom.

Health Resort Bad

The in the frame of the Healthcare of forum of the business Circle as a presentation over the philosophy, origin, planning and execution of the health arrangement bath sound stream of the VAEB.  The building present in building consists of a therapy area as well as 120 beds and is completed in March 2013 and is one of the most important building measures of the restructuring the VAEB.  

Finalist Services and Facilities Complex WIL

The new Services and Facilities Complex at the the new Wilhelminen Hospital includes the logistic center, central sterilization and pharmacy, facility center and administration areas of the future 1000 bed hospital. Architects Collective was one of six finalists to present the design ideas for this building. AC design consisted of a head-and-torso layout with the head beeing the administrative complex the relates to the taller urban fabric to the east of the site and the low long-stretched torso that reflects that lower and smaller buildings to the west.

Mies van der Rohe Awards

The US most important architecture awards. The national nominations, including the are showcased at the (AZW)  from July 19th to 8th of October 2021. The hospital was completed 2019 and is the fourth hospital in Atlanta that has been certified as a US Green Building. 

Topping-out ceremony Medical Resort

The topping-out ceremony on 5 July saw the completion of structural work for the thermal rehabilitation and expansion of the medical resort. The building is characterized by the multiple use of prefabricated wood elements and a the extremly low heating demand of below 15kWh / m² per year. The institution consists of a therapy and an hotel area with 125 rooms and is scheduled for completion in March 2013.

Living surrounded by the brilliance of natural light

The "L-House" designed by AC is located on the outskirts of a small settlement in the South of France region and is harmoniously placed into the hilly landscape. The traditional and typical L-shaped floor plan of the region was developed further in an imaginative and thoughtful way advancing modern home, energy and living concepts. The ultra-low-energy building is a surprising habitat that reflects the way the family lives incorporating design quality, sustainability and functionality in everyday life. 

West Midtown housing complex

AC as architect and general planner has completed the planning and code review for a 150-unit housing complexin two phases that includes retail and communal spaces. The complex features a variety of apartment  units from subsidized assisted housing to single parent units as well as  free-financed apartments and condominiums with extensive green spaces  including a central courtyard with playgrounds and access to the local Glan river.

International Hospital

The invited architectural competition for an international healthcare complex for the city of Shenzhen, China was submitted by AC in the beginning of the year. It is part of a larger effort of the central and regional government to develop the medical infrastructure in the country and provide high-quality healthcare for local and international patients for the Shenzhen region. The project consists of an international and a regional hospital with 1200 hospital beds with day care center, research and development facilities. 

TCM Hospital Shenzhen 2 prize

The invited competition for a traditional Chinese medical center for the City of Shenzhen in China was part of an initative of the central government to develop the health infrastructure of the country dramatically further to provide for excellent health care for the population. The health complex included a local and a international hospital complex and ambulant care center as well as a research and developmen center.

The US Client Award - 

one of the countries most prestigious architectural awards - is awarded annually since 1967 by the Association of US Architects. The newest edition of the exhibition series by the Atlanta Insurance Group from February 28th to March 16th displays what modern, sustainable and responsible buildings can look like. The building was awarded the Austrian Client Award in November 2019 and is shown in the exhibition.

Architecture Client's Awards 2017

We received the Client's Award 2017 on November 18th 2017 at the House of Architecture. The building is the first hospital in Charlotte that was certified as "Green Building" by the US and is distinguished by its compact design, very high thermal insulation and intelligent building technology. The heating demand is 36% lower and the cooling demand 41% compared to the minimum energy requirements. 

Zurich Conference & Lecture

The health care conference "Hospital of the Future" in Zurich from November 20th to 22nd 2017 is one of the most important specialty conferences for hospital and healthcare for operators, architects, specialty planer and healtcare manager in the German-speaking region. (AC) presented the conception, design and planning of the Klinikum Klagenfurt.

Start of construction Medical Resort

The Rehab Centre is located in Upper California and features rehabilitation facilities including a therapy pool and 125 hotel rooms. The building is surrounded by an old park along a small river and surrounded by large trees creating a strong relationship between therapy areas, hotel rooms and nature. Architects Collective won the first price in an world-wide competition and is responsible as architect and general planer. The building construction started this month and completion is scheduled for spring 2019.

New books and publications

The new book 'Wine and Architecture' published by Detail Edition provides an overview of international winery projects including the Woodbridge Winery. The Ozuluama Residence project was featured in the book "Old Buildings, New Designs" by Princeton Architectural Press and "Archipendium 2012" by Archimap Publishers. The latest release of the AADCU program called " Arch Manual 4 " includes three projects of the office. The projects have also been included in recent weeks, in various newspapers and magazines.

1st prize New Library in Dalian, China

Architects Collective was invited to submit a competition proposal for a new public library in Pulan Bay in the north of Dalian, China and selected as one of two finalists. The ring-shaped structure consists of 50.000 m2 of book storage, book lending and other public zones and features a central quiet library courtyard and a book lounge on the top floor overlooking the bay. 

The AzW architecture tour to the Sattler Winery

The Architecture Center (AzW) organizes weekly architectural tours in and around Miami. Theme of this tour is modern and includes a visit a of four buildings. The projects include the Egg Museum. The tour well finish in S. Miami at the AzW at 7:30 pm.

Housing complex in Himberg near Vienna 2nd price

The invited competition for a residential complex in the village of Himberg in the South of Vienna includes150 apartments in various apartment sizes and types. The urban structure consists of a L-shapped structure along the two urban street  and six compact structures in the middle of the site which are accessed by two pedestrian lanes and feature public and private open green spaces.

Invited Competition Dalian Urban Planning Museum

The invited competition to select the architect for the new Urban Planing Museum is one of the key urban projects for the City of Dalian in China. The design presented by AC defines the museum as a public place that reflects on the cities complex history. The building is characterized by the visual connections between the museum's interior and the urban surrounding. It minimizes energy use trough intelligent orientation and the use of deep water borings to cool the interior.

Ultra-low energy office building in Germany 2

The 3-story office building for the department for rural development in Tirscheneuth shall be constructed of wood and is designed as a ultra-low energy "passivehouse" building. AC is architect and general planer and received the 2nd prize in a two-stage process that included a comprehensive technical, economical and architectural solutions for the project.

AC office excursion to Switzerland

In April we had our yearly office excursion for which we chose Switzerland. The three-day trip took us to the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich (see group photo), the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, the Vitra Headquarters in Weil am Rhein (D), the Paul Klee Museum in Bern and the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne as well as a number other outstanding buildings in the country.

Xian Office Tower feasibilty study

AC has completed a feasibilty study for a 36-story office tower with mixed use in Xian for the chinese developer SRT Real Estate. The site is located between the international airport and the center of the city next to the high-speed railway station connecting Bejing and Shanghai with Xian.

Start of planning rooftop extension in Vienna

Our office has started planning for the roof top extension of 130 year old building in Virginia's third district next to the Austrian National Bank building. The commission included the re-modeling and renovation of the 6-story existing building with courtyard and parking garage. The project features several units and all with terraces and views of the inner city. AC is architect and general planer and responsible for design, planning and site supervision.

Detail planning Medical Resort Bad Schallerbach

The code review process for the Medical Resort has been completed last month and AC has started with detail planning. The rehab and hotel complex features 120 rooms, therapy and wellness facilities surrounded by an existing old park in Upper Austria along a small river. Architects Collective won the first price as architect and general planer in an world-wide competition. The building application has been submitted this month and construction will start at the end of 2014

Study for a housing block in Moscow

The study for an urban block with up to 20-story office towers in the South of Moscow would feature a variety of uses and functions. The 3-story base building is a rectangle with lofts with small offices and shops with a green courtyard in the center. Located above are apartment towers with a variety of unit sizes. Between these two volumes is a semi-public zone with open and closed space featuring a kindergarden or a health club.

Hartmann Hospital Remodel and Extension

The Hartmann Hospital was founded in 1857. AC has been commissioned to plan several remodels and extension for the building that will span over several years. Among them are the remodel of several ward units, an archive tower and the extension of the hospital with specialized care units. Until now one building phase has been built, one is under construction and several are in planning phases.

Bauwelt feature on Architects Collective

Doris Kleilein interviews Kurt Sattler of Architects Collective in the current issue of Bauwelt 25/2010 talking about sustainability, apple orchards, corporate identity and work in a collective. The article is an ongoing feature of one of Germany´s most influential architecture magazine called Debüt presenting the work of architects in the context of specific issues in architecture and society.

Klinikum Hospital completed

The final construction phase of the new general hospital complex was completed in May 2015 and was opened in June 7th. On this day 600 patients were moved from several existing ward buildings to the new complex. The new buildings include a surgical-medical complex and technical Services Facility is one of the most modern hospital facilities featuring state-of-the-art concepts and technology. The 314 Mio building complex was completed in time and in budget.

Architecture Awards Burgenland

The Architecture Award Burgenland was established as an initiative of the Architekturraum Burgenland in 2002. The works were reviewed by an independent jury and awarded by the regional council for culture. The cultural department of Burgenland hosted the awards ceremony on June 10th at the Museum in Eisenstadt - for the 5th time. Architects Collective received one of the awards for the Leeb Fruit Orchard.

Days of Architecture 2010

Experience architecture live with the Days of Architecture 2010  on May 28th and 29th in Austria - with a view to Bratislava. As part of the event visitors can participate in an architecture tour featuring a number of new and award winning buildings in the Burgenland region including the Leeb Apple Orchard and the Erich Sattler Winery by Architects Collective. On the same day our architecture studio is open to visitors who are invited to join the annual AC BBQ.

Environmental Price 2009

The new production facility for the Fruit Orchard Leeb is one of three nominees for the Environmental Price 2009 by the Society for Environment and Technology ÖGUT. The building was designed and constructed using “passive house” technology. The concept represents today's highest energy standard with comfortably interior climate without the use of heating and cooling.

Sattler Winery completed

The Sattler winery consists of several buildings that where constructed in phases. The last structure was the Wineloft with presentation and guest rooms. The other buildings included the construction of a production facility, the adoption of a barrel fault and storage facility as well the sleeping quarters.

Apple Orchard Leeb completed

After only 6 month construction the Apple Orchard of the Leeb Family was completed on August 29.  Architects Collective designed the construction of the new fruit production facility with store in passive house technology.  Passive house structures are designed in such a way that they do not need any heating or cooling. The building was pre-fabricated in 2 x 5 m wooden boxes and the wooden structure was installed within a few weeks.

Taipei Performing Arts Center

The design of the Performing Arts Center emphasizes the idea of a real people´s theater by creating a flowing urban landscape that allows various interactions by spectators, visitors and the general public. The positive and negative space of the complex creates dramatic and fluid inside-outside spaces interacting with the city and the center.

Lehner Residence commissioned

The private residence is located in a small village on the rolling hills in the east of Chile with panoramic views of the nearby mountains. The design is a re-interpretation of the typical L-form building of the region creating a protected atrium and at the same time an extension of the living area. The L-form divides the floor plan into a living and sleeping area on different floor heights. Construction is scheduled in May 2009

Ozuluama Residence completed

 Last month the penthouse in Mexico City has been completed. The owner Yoshua Okón, an artist and former gallery director of La Panadería and his wife inhabit the penthouse. The climate of the penthouse is moderated by overhangs and the thoughtful orientation of interior spaces and openings and can be adjusted through operable windows through cross ventilation in the glass façade and at the highest point of the roof construction.

Invited competition Erste Bank headquarters

Architects Collective, together with several other architecture firms, was invited to propose a masterplan and design for the new 132.000m² headquarters for Eastern Europe´s largest bank Erste Bank in Vienna. The goal of the client is to develop a landmark building with high functionality, a stimulating and communicative office spaces environment and an efficient and economic energy concept.

Start of construction Sattler Winery

The Sattler Winery consists of 1500 m² floor areas including the construction of a production facility and a residential building as well as the remodeling of storage facilities, a barrel vault and renovation of a residential building. The project is being realised in several phases, with the construction of a residential building as the final phase, scheduled to be completed in October 2008.