Architektur Aktuell Der Standard International New Landscape CompetitiOnline arch daily APA B:Tec AR

awards 1st price EU-wide competition

project type construction of a healthcare center

location Bad Schallerbach, AUT

client VAEB

architect Architects Collective

planning phases design / detail planning

structural engineer Gmeiner Haferl

building technology Peter Palme

landscape design Weidlfein

gross floor area 10.000 m2

completion 2013

construction cost € 13.000.000

The new health center of the national health insurance agency for railroads and mining in Bad Schallerbach consists of a therapy center, an accommodation facility for 120 beds and an extensive park system. The building is defined for public access on the northern side by its materiality, scale and transparency. This clearly and intuitively leads visitors into the building. Above the glass entrance area floats a wooden box that is marked by the arrangement of the windows of the public areas. All rooms are bright and the choice of natural materials and surfaces create a friendly atmosphere. The balconies of the the south side consist of irregular vertical wooden elements that form a transition between the building and the surrounding nature. Two terraces form a link between interior and exterior. The floor plan easily transitions into a swimming pool area which takes on a structural and morphological relationship with the directly adjacent natural therapy garden.